About Kaye

Hi, I'm Kaye, founder of BewleyBooks and BewleyTherapy - both of which are services designed to serve your higher purpose.  To get you back on track with life and the way it should be.  Born in Slough, I've moved all over the country since then.  Now, I provide services all across the UK from the comfort of my campervan!  

Life can be hard for some people, and my aim is to help you see how easy it can be and how you can turn away from the pain towards a more pleasurable life - and not feel guilty for it.

Personally, travelling is my pleasure.  Seeing lots of different views, from places and the people in those locations.  I provide workshops on campsites, in coffee shops and also (my little bit of heaven) book stores.  It took a while for me to get meditation, but now I do, I love to indulge in it and through guided imagery am able to help people visualise a better way of life and living. 



How does it work?

With the Counsel With A Cuppa service, you can enjoy a fun and relaxing counselling/therapy class with your friends while sipping your favourite beverages and tucking into your favourite sweet treats.


Kaye Bewley of BewleyTherapy is an experienced and enthusiastic counsellor who guides you step-by-step to meet your own emotional needs and identify what you want from life.


At the end of the session, you get to be more confident about the meaning and purpose of your life. 

Why does it work?

Counsel With A Cuppa sessions put a bit of fun into therapy, but they're more than a casual brunch, lunch or dinner — they are a hands-on, relaxing activity where you can connect on an emotional level.


After creating your own achievable goals, you feel like you have truly accomplished something and conquered some fears about life.

What types of classes are offered?

• Lunch time Laughs

• Signature Evening Classes

• Corporate Team Building 

• Coffee & Counselling Weekday Classes

• Camper Counselling

• Date Night Classes

• Pamper Your Pooch Classes

• Memories with Meaning Fundraising Events



What support is available?

It’s not just our enjoyable culture that sets Counsel With A Cuppa apart - it's that you have the opportunity to find your inner meaning.


The various cafe's, bookstores and other venues we choose to present our workshops in, know what it takes to succeed with on-going operational efficiency of their own businesses.


Kaye Bewley, a trained, certified, counsellor conducts your class, and the cafe staff make sure your beverages and brews run smoothly. Our partner vendors provide a variety of premium products at the most economical prices thanks to our combined efforts.


The Counsel With A Cuppa concept offers an affordable opportunity that is exciting to get involved in and is a welcome addition to any community.​​

Our culture

We’re not your average counselling class, and we’re not your average therapist. Our experience includes a relaxed, no-pressure, interactive and fun atmosphere mixed with great people. We are relentless in providing great value to our clients, store owners and also support the community we work within.


Make no mistake - we are in the business of people first, and we love adding meaning and purpose to everyone's lives. This authentic perspective has helped create a valuable opportunity that thrives in the local community.


Counsel With A Cuppa

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